Anycast DNS

We have been working on setting up a Tier2 anycast DNS resolver infrastructure for the OpenNIC project and thoroughly testing it. We have recently made this anycast network public and usable by anyone interested, it is at this time however still considered beta, which means the network might - in the worst case - fail to provide DNS. Please use at your own risk!

Are you interested in the public beta test? The following two IP addresses are configured to answer on DNS queries on port 53 and 5353 (with dnscrypt-proxy) / 2a05:dfc7:5::53   (primary - / 2a05:dfc7:5353::53 (secondary -

DNSCrypt-Key:  1A6A:D0A3:2B4C:5A61:A695:D153:670D:69AB:1690:3F9E:C3F7:F64F:13E5:35A3:18B2:28A5

For this Anycast DNS we're currently having 31 POPs worldwide in service and we're working hard to get more POPs online to make the network even more stable!

  • fvz-arec-ch-zrh-01 Zurich, Switzerland
  • fvz-arec-de-fra-01 Frankfurt, Germany
  • fvz-arec-es-mad-01 Madrid, Spain
  • fvz-arec-fr-par-01 Paris, France
  • fvz-arec-gb-lon-01 London, United Kingdom
  • fvz-arec-hu-bud-01 Budapest, Hungary
  • fvz-arec-in-pnq-01 Pune, India
  • fvz-arec-it-mil-01 Milano, Italy
  • fvz-arec-jp-tyo-01 Tokyo, Japan
  • fvz-arec-lv-rix-01 Riga, Latvia
  • fvz-arec-nl-ams-01 Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • fvz-arec-nl-ams-02 Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • fvz-arec-nl-cpi-01 Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands [Sponsored by Fairnode]
  • fvz-arec-no-osl-01 Oslo, Norway
  • fvz-arec-ro-buh-01 Bucharest, Romania
  • fvz-arec-ru-led-01 Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • fvz-arec-us-atl-01 Atlanta, United States
  • fvz-arec-us-chi-01 Chicago, United States
  • fvz-arec-us-dal-01 Dallas, United States
  • fvz-arec-us-lax-01 Los Angeles, United States
  • fvz-arec-us-mia-01 Miami, United States
  • fvz-arec-us-ppy-01 Parsippany, United States
  • fvz-arec-us-sea-01 Seattle, United States
  • fvz-arec-us-sfo-01 San Francisco, United States
  • fvz-arec-us-snn-01 Sunnyvale, United States
  • fvz-arec-us-wny-01 West New York, United States
  • fvz-arec-za-jnb-01 Johannesburg, South Africa [Sponsored by Zappie Host]

General and DNSCrypt information

All servers have DNSCrypt configured on all its IP addresses and ports 54, 443, 1053, 1194, 5353, 8080 and 27015.

At the very bottom of this list you can also find a dnscrypt-proxy compatible .csv.

In case you don't want to use DNSCrypt but your provider still blocks or intercepts DNS traffic on port 53 only, you can use this iptables rule (for Linux only) to redirect your DNS traffic to another port (replace $IP with the IP of the server):
iptables -tnat -AOUTPUT -pudp --dport 53 -jDNAT --to $IP:27015
The rule can be extended and customized to randomize ports or even IPs with every single query.

Hyperboria / CJDNS

All of the listed servers have network access to the Hyperboria / CJDNS network. Some of the listed servers listen on the Hyperboria address and allow Hyperboria users to resolve domains over them.

All listed servers have a public account that can be used for peering. Please check for more information about this. If you want to peer with these servers, you are free to do so.

WARNING: This beta-testing feature is experimental and the Hyperboria connection might randomly fail from time to time as we continue to increase the reliability and stability of the entire setup.


Help keep Fusl's OpenNIC Tier2 DNS Servers free!

Running high performance, ad-free DNS Resolvers costs time and money (about € 500,- monthly at this time). The more donations I receive, the more I can provide better DNS servers in more locations for you!

Bitcoin: 1L3NkCq7GPctWknh5sTEczdmeCafn7a68a

All received donations will be split up: 40% go to all sponsors that accept donations (basically all of them), 35% go to the OpenNIC Project and 25% will be kept by me for paying the other servers, running the infrastructure and such stuff.

Each server has an individual Bitcoin address. If you send money to an individual address, we will make sure that the 40% to the sponsor directly and the rest will also go to OpenNIC and to me.
If you want to send the money via PayPal, please include the server name in the transaction description.

(The received transactions will be collected for a month and at the end of each month forwarded to each sponsor if it's more than 5€ per transaction to the sponsors due to transaction fees.)

Server Location IPv4 IPv6 DNSCrypt Provider/Sponsor Hyperboria
fvz-rec-at-vie-01 Vienna, Austria C6BC Sponsored by dediserve c6bc
fvz-rec-ca-mtr-01 Montreal, Canada 2607:5300:60:6715::151:1 757E Sponsored by Zappie Host 6454
fvz-rec-ca-tor-01 Toronto, Canada 2602:ffb6:2:0:f816:3eff:fe23:ae28 994F Sponsored by Luna Node edaa
fvz-rec-de-fra-01 Frankfurt, Germany FAFE Sponsored by a very kind person 0bc7
fvz-rec-de-muc-01 Munich, Germany 2a05:dfc0:1ee3:dee:ba::1 444A Sponsored by Zappie Host 5e16
fvz-rec-fi-ulv-01 Ulvila, Finland 2a03:e581:4:a1::5 0560 Sponsored by ca17
fvz-rec-fr-par-01 Paris, France 4B7C Sponsored by Abc-Hosters 3ceb
fvz-rec-fr-sxb-01 Strasbourg, France 2001:41d0:d:dae:1:cdef:1235:fadd (and 1 more) E037 Sponsored by GalaxyHostPlus 65cb
fvz-rec-gb-brs-01 Bristol, United Kingdom E117 Sponsored by a very kind person fcc6
fvz-rec-gb-lon-01 London, United Kingdom 2a02:8c8:c10:10:216:3cff:fe96:b1a1 (and 1 more) D28C Sponsored by Konsole 9251
fvz-rec-gb-lon-02 London, United Kingdom 7657 Sponsored by Ryan 46d3
fvz-rec-gb-lon-03 London, United Kingdom 0597 Sponsored by dediserve ccf9
fvz-rec-hk-ztw-01 Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong 33FA Sponsored by dediserve 56c2
fvz-rec-ie-du-01 Dublin, Ireland 8DFB Sponsored by dediserve 10bc
fvz-rec-lt-vno-01 Vilnius, Lithuania 9B1F Time4VPS
fvz-rec-nl-ams-01 Amsterdam, Netherlands 083C Sponsored by dediserve 183a
fvz-rec-nl-cpi-01 Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands 2001:67c:4e0:101::2 CB4A Sponsored by SnapServ b9a8
fvz-rec-nl-dro-01 Dronten, Netherlands 2502 Sponsored by evoBurst ac44
fvz-rec-nl-fl-01 Amsterdam, Netherlands 2a01:6f0:ffff:42::53 F75E HostHatch 2e71
fvz-rec-no-osl-01 Oslo, Norway F4AA c48b
fvz-rec-nz-akl-01 Auckland, New Zealand 2a06:1280:bee1::dea:5 314B Sponsored by Zappie Host f89f
fvz-rec-ro-buh-01 Bucharest, Romania 7B96 baa6
fvz-rec-ru-led-01 Saint Petersburg, Russia 2a00:1838:20:1:216:3cff:fe3e:67ec (and 1 more) 6E1F vStoike a9a7
fvz-rec-sg-ea-01 Chai Chee, Singapore 2400:c980:0:2:4c9:88ff:fe01:12b3 8F01 SimplerCloud 0c3d
fvz-rec-us-dal-01 Dallas, United States 2604:6600:2000:c::8104 CE46 Sponsored by Elasticnode fa8f
fvz-rec-us-lax-01 Los Angeles, United States 2607:fcd0:100:87e9::b98d 1DD5 Sponsored by evoBurst d843
fvz-rec-us-ler-01 Lenoir, United States 2606:1e80:dace:bebe::da:1 7EBE Sponsored by Zappie Host a0ea
fvz-rec-us-mia-01 Miami, United States 2607:ff48:aa81:e99::273b B7F1 Sponsored by evoBurst fb24
fvz-rec-us-sea-01 Seattle, United States 2604:180:1:22a::8c53 A453 Sponsored by Smiba dd03